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Star Performers Award

Each year we at Intangible Business recognise those brands that have performed particularly well and deserve attention. This year we have chosen to award those brands that increased their sales volumes by over half a million from the previous year.

Four brands fall into that category, each of whom has managed spectacular improvement in their sales figures for the previous year. We congratulate these brands and the people who have managed them throughout this challenging period and look forward to charting their continued growth and progress in future years.

Captain Morgan logo

In a somewhat static top 10, Captain Morgan has outshone its competitors moving a commendable 2 places up the leader board. Bolstered by a 4% total score increase, the rum brand has its eyes set on a place in the top five next year.

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Havana Club logo

Moving an exceptional 8 places up the ranks, Havana Club’s 8% brand score increase makes it a note-worthy brand in our eyes. Its status as a bar staple the world over makes this Cuban rum a star performer with a fantastic brand heritage.

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Jameson has performed astoundingly well over the last decade and this year alone has jumped one place to sit in 14th place. The blended Irish Whiskey was recognised by the panel to have a large share of the market and impressive brand heritage, all contributing to a well-deserved 6% brand score increase, and recognising it as a star performer in this year’s Power 100.

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Lindemans logo

Climbing a tremendous 13 places, Lindemans has capitalised on the renewed interest in the wine category, leap-frogging the competition. The panel drew attention to the brands market share, heritage and brand awareness, resulting in a 7% brand score increase.

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