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The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Celebrating 10 years of the Power 100 has inevitably led us to take a trip down memory lane looking at some of the best and worst alcohol branding campaigns over the past decade.

The Good

Jack Daniel’s ‘Legend’ Campaign

Hot on the heels of its special homage to Frank Sinatra, Jack Daniels released an inspired campaign in 2013 looking back at the relationship between rock ‘n’ roll legends and the Tennessee whiskey. Jack Daniel’s is not the first brand to capitalise on the relationship between music and alcohol, however what was distinguishes this campaign is that Jack Daniel’s was quite literally ‘with the band since 1866’ exemplified by its connections with The Rolling Stones. Defined as ‘a fixture onstage, backstage and in recording studios around the world’, Jack Daniel’s created a sense of nostalgia and emphasised its brand heritage, whilst still remaining relevant to consumers.

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The Bad

Sex doesn’t always sell

In an effort to make alcohol brands “sexy”, some companies have employed outdated gender roles into their marketing campaigns. Advertisements that over-sexualise women and make them the focal point in order to drive sales have caused outrage amongst critics. Men are also portrayed in a negative light as they are represented as misogynistic in such campaigns. This fine line between sexism and desirability is something which alcohol brands often fall foul of, as witnessed by Dewar’s “Meet the Baron” campaign and Skyy Vodka’s early advertising.

The Ugly

Empowering advertising

After examining many campaigns, this section had to be dedicated to the wildly humorous Southern Comfort: ‘Whatever’s Comfortable’ campaign. It’s weird and wonderful theme to champion people who embody self-confidence, enabled the company to revive itself as a relevant brand. The campaign kept viewers on their toes, awaiting the next instalment of the hilarious TV advertisements. This included our personal favourite; the bronzed beach-lover casually strolling down the sand with just a pair of speedos and his Southern Comfort!

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