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Decade Award

After 10 years of the Power 100, Intangible Business is recognising a single brand that has performed astonishingly well throughout the decade. Not only has this brand continually increased sales, but it has been a pioneer in its category and revolutionised drinking habits to become a bar staple and a symbol of premium craftsmanship, unique flavour and embodies the character of its country of origin.


Jägermeister has grown substantially over the last decade, adding sales of nearly three million cases since 2006, and with the launch of its first overseas subsidiary in 2013 it appears that Mast-Jägermeister have expansion on their minds.

The Power 100 has documented the brand’s success, as it gradually moved up the ranks from 22, in 2006 to its triumphant break-through into the top 10 this year. The brand has overtaken the likes of Jim Beam, Gordon’s Gin and Baileys to claim 10th place and is testament to the brand owner’s craftsmanship, consumer understanding and effective branding and communications.

The brand effectively appeals to the youth demographic with its heavy involvement in the music scene through tour sponsorship of numerous rock bands. It simultaneously appeals to a more mature audience through its “It Runs Deep” campaign. This campaign disseminates the brand’s ethos and emphasises the shared experience of drinking Jägermeister with friends.

The careful cultivation of the brand has been recognised by the panel increasing the brand score by 21% over the 10 year period, further establishing Jägermeister as a deserving winner of the Decade Award.

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