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About Intangible Business

Intangible Business is a leading independent brand valuation consultancy, with a team of qualified valuers, accountants and marketers who provide advice based on brand, intellectual property (IP), or intangible asset value and strategy. We focus on the commercial and financial aspects of value, working to provide bespoke solutions for business development, financial, banking and legal purposes, delivered to a high-quality and timely standard.

Our consultants have a wealth of commercial and accounting knowledge and have a proven track record of working with a number of clients with powerful international brands. Our brand valuations have been widely accepted under rigorous examination, for example as expert witnesses in court; by tax authorities and major audit firms. With our passion and understanding of the power of brand, it puts us in good stead to quantify the value and future potential of the intangibles related with brand and provide relevant strategy personalised to each client.

Visit the Intangible Business website for more information on our spirits and wine industry valuation experience, and to meet the team.